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Rating: ordinary chondrite L 4-6, S3, W1: L (Low iron) (or olivine-hiperstenas or olivine-pigeonitas). Main minerals; olivine, hypersthene, Ni-Fe.

Meteor fragment broken by the impact on the ground, but retains some of the crust fusión.Pesa grams and measures 4.6 ± 2 cm in diameter.

"The stony meteorites comprise a variety of types, the most abundant ordinary chondrites, carbonaceous chondrites and achondrites. They consist basically

silicates such as olivine and pyroxene, but its main feature is that they have a spherules (chondrules), inside, these areas are essential materials

our solar system, are the oldest and most fascinating materials that we can see and get our hands.

* It is believed that this ordinary chondrite meteorite fell over what is now Algeria and Morocco. His fall was exceptionally strong. Since its discovery in 2000, have eliminated more than 7 tons Raining in size from a fraction of a one ounce more than 50 pounds.

It is classified as a ordinaria.Las chondrite iron bright spots on the cut surface are visible, which causes a slight magnetic attraction.
Many of these samples are collected by nomadic. Since geographical features and political boundaries are not easily discernible in this section of Sahara.Su exact location is not available.

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Sahara: Morocco, Algeria