Amphibians and Reptiles for sale

Amphibians,the familiar frogs, toads, and salamanders have been present since at least the Jurassic Period. 

Reptiles, the class Reptilia, are an evolutionary grade of animals, comprising today's turtles, crocodilians, snakes, lizards, and tuatara, as well as many extinct groups.

FAR07--Alligator-mississippiensis-bAlligator mississippiensis-pliocen-Florida, USA
136,00 €
Hamadosocus-sp-FAR15bHamadosocus sp._jaw and 2 tooth_diente_Morocco
54,00 €
Hamadosocus sp._jaw and 2 tooth_diente_MoroccoHamadosocus sp._jaw and  tooth_Morocco
68,00 €
Lacertilienovum major, Fosil, Eocene, Lutetian, Bouxviller, France-Lizard Egg,
110,00 €
Teeth, Fossil, Siroccopteryx moroccensis, Cretaceous, Taouz, MoroccoTeeth, Fossil, Siroccopteryx moroccensis, Cretaceous, Taouz, Morocco
46,00 €
Siroccopteryx-moroccensis_reptil tooth_diente PterosaurioSiroccopteryx-moroccensis_reptil tooth_diente Pterosaurio
36,00 €
Apateon pedistris_Permian anfibian_Germany
62,00 €
Apateon-pedistris-FAR45bApateon pedistris_Permian anfibian_Germany
59,00 €
Teeth, Fossil, Crocodilus aff. spencieri, Ypresiense, Eocene, Oued Zem, MoroccoTeeth, Fossil, Crocodilus aff. spencieri, Ypresiense, Eocene, Oued Zem, Morocco
84,00 €
Elosuchus cherifiensis-Upper Cretaceous-Taouz- MoroccoElosuchus cherifiensis-Upper Cretaceous-Taouz- Morocco
23,00 €
No hay imagen establecida No hay imagen establecida
94,00 €
Mosasaurus_Leidon anceps_Cretaceous-Morocco-TeethMosasaurus_Leidon anceps_Cretaceous-Morocco-Teeth
68,00 €
No hay imagen establecida Eremiasaurus-heterodonthus-Cretaceous-Ouled Abdoun,Marruecos
22,00 €
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