Pseodopalatus sp.

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Tooth of ± 1.8 x 1.2 cm, retains all its enamel and saw intact. It is accompanied by a skin shield. It is delivered with a box and description.

Phytosaurs (Greek Φυτόσαυροι, meaning "vegetable lizard") are an extinct group of large, mostly semi-aquatic, Late Triassic archosauriform reptiles. Phytosaurs had a long snout and heavy armor, and closely resembled modern crocodiles in size, appearance, and lifestyle, as an example of convergence, or parallel evolution. The name "phytosaur" means "vegetable reptile", as the earliest phytosaur fossils were mistakenly thought to belong to herbivores.


Triassic,Dockum Group


Scurry County, Texas, USA




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