Tremaglaspis unite

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Exceptional piece of ± 12.6 x 9.4 cm, with an Aglaspid (Tremaglaspis sp.) ± 9.2 cm long. taken in 3D thanks to sandblasting that has allowed all the details to be removed. The stone is broken but it does not affect the arthropod and the coloration is natural, it is due to the oxidation of pyrite minerals.

  • The Fezouata deposit is providing a rich sample of a similar fauna, although later in time, to the famous Burgess Shale (Canada). We are talking about fossils between 480 and 472 million years old. Age indicates that communities of the Burgess Shale type were not restricted, as was believed, to the early stages of the Cambrian and then suddenly disappeared, but that they survived much longer, coexisted with later fauna and would be the normal type of fauna of the deep sea around the planet. Then Morocco was an ocean and it was on the South Pole.

Tremaglaspis is the oldest representative of an enigmatic group of extinct arthropods, the Aglaspidida.


Ordovicico, Fezouata Training

Alnif, Zagora Morocco


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