Carcharadontosaurus saharicus

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Spectacular dental piece, of the lateral part of the jaw, measures ± 8 cm × 3,7 cm of base and 2,2 of thickness. It conserves all the enamel, the saw by both sides and the root.
Genus: Carcharodontosaurus (Stromer, 1931)
Carcharodontosauridae (from the Greek Carcharodontosauros: "lizard with shark teeth") was a family of theropod carnivorous dinosaurs, The carcarodontosaurids included some of the largest known predators: Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Tyrannotitan, etc. .. They rivaled Tyrannosaurus in size.
Carcharodontosaurids were the main predators in the lower and middle Cretaceous in Gondwana and present-day Europe (Neovenator), and also in North America (Acrocanthosaurus). They temporarily extended from the Barremian (127-121 million years ago) to the Cenomanian (99-93 million years ago).



Upper Cretaceous, Tegana Formation




Taouz, Morocco