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Front tooth of Pterosaurio, also called Coloborhynchus moroccensis, one measures 2,6 cms and the other 2,5 cms. It is delivered with box.

The pterosaur (from the Greek ptero, 'ala'; sauros, 'lizard') was a flying reptile, not a dinosaur.
It existed during the Mesozoic era, which began about 230 million years ago to 65 million years ago.
There were about 60 different types and they had no feathers. The wings were thin skin membranes, similar to those of bats, which extended
along the sides of the body from the knees to the arms. They were fastened to the fourth finger of each hand, which was very long.




Cretaceous, Baharija Formation




East of Taouz, Kem-Kem, Morocco