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Very clean piece of 70.27 grams and measures ± 6 x 6 cm x 3 cms.Con Thank termites and keep air bubbles inside.

* This amber is called copal because he is very young and does not have the same characteristics as typical amber; amber is a pine resin hardened by time, especially the Pinus succinifera, with more than 30 million years old. Its composition is a mixture of various resins, succinic acid and a volatile oil C10H16O sometimes contains hydrogen H2S acid. While the copal is a large group of resins obtained from existing trees and also appears in some cases in a state of fossilization. A natural resin, has almost the same properties as amber, which also has bugs, bubbles, leaves, etc ..




Pliocene, 1 to 10 Million Years




Bucaramanga, Colombia