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Spectacular matrix plate of 24.8 × 27.6 cm , with 2 fossil fishes.
The largest (below), Phareodus testis, measures 16.8 x 7.4 cm. The smallest (above), Mioplosus labracoides, measures 9.6 x 2 cm.
The specimens show great preservation with highly detailed bone structure, vertebrae, fins and teeth. In the same layer, a freshwater gastropod has been fossilized in calcite.

The genus Phareodus is easily distinguished by the long pectoral fin (here prominently extended) and the large pointed teeth.
Myoplosus (family percidae) have pointy teeth and are believed to have been voracious predators.

100% natural fossil, my pieces are sandblasted clean, this is how we take out all the details and do not damage the most fragile parts.

Eocene, Green River Formation

 Lewis Ranch, Condado de Lincoln, Wyoming, EE.UU.


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