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Bothriolepis canadensis (Placodermi, Antiarcha, Bothriolepidae)
Nodule of ± 18.5 × 17 cm and the fish measures ± 12 x 10.5 cm. It comes from an old collection.
* The Bothriolepis name means "boneless scales" due to the fantastic texture of the bone lining that covered the body of this prehistoric freshwater placoderm (armored fish), the first jawed vertebrates to appear on Earth. The head is fused with the thoracic shield, and had a pair of openings for the eyes and nostrils at the top, and one at the bottom for the mouth; it was a bottom feeder for brackish water. With such a bulky and heavy body, the long pectoral fins were essential to get up from the bottom of the water.


Upper Devonian


Escumiac Bay, Miguasha, Quebec, Canada


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