Welcome to Tesoros Naturales; an online shop where you will be able to find and buy all kinds of Fossils, Minerals, Meteorites and decorative items related with these materials.


Fossil of the head of a mammal Hyaenodon

Trilobites, Ammonites, Dinosaurs, Urchins


Minerals Fluorite Tesoros Naturales

Fluorite, Quartz, Calcite


Meteorite Collection Tesoros Naturales

Iron meteorites and chondrites, tektites

Gold Flakes

Gold, silver and copper laminates amphorae

Different compositions made with gold, silver or copper


Brazilian Amethyst Mineral Tesoros Naturales

Elegant natural minerals


Handicrafts, unique items and beautiful designs

Handicrafts, unique items and beautiful designs

Magnifying glass for collectors of fossils and minerals

Accessories for collectors

  • Loupes
  • Plastic supports
  • Glass boxes


In this catalogue you will find a small selection of items from our collection, which is constantly updated as we purchase new products and sell others. If you are interested in a product that has already been sold, do not hesitate to contact us so we can let you know if a similar product is available.

If you would like to see a more detailed photograph of an item, please Contact us to ask for more information, indicating the name of the product and its code.